March 14, 2013

things are growing slowly, but surely, here at the top of the season. as I look out the window, snow is dancing through the air. I dare say the weather has been a bit indecisive: almost 60 degrees one day, 30 and snowy the next. I see spring gloriously unfolding in other farmers’ blogs in more temperate areas and it’s hard to be patient. but that’s what growing teaches you. patience. it’s a bit like waiting for christmas to come.

the experimental planting of ranunculus and anenomes in the unheated hoop house worked! the fingers of freeze kept their reach out of the tunnel and the tender bulbs survived.

I came home one night last week to find my husband chasing three naked boys around the house squirting them with my brand new backpack sprayer.

the unexpected joys of farm life…

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Muhammad Amir
April 8, 2013 at 11:10 am

it's a bit like waiting for Portland Florist christmas to come.


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