August 10, 2013

a great day

my oldest boy, atticus, has been working with me at farmers markets since the beginning. 

he loves to make bouquets, and his work is getting much better.

he makes the small bouquets,

and I make the big ones.

yesterday, we passed the time playing ‘hide the hobbit’,

and making flower bracelets. having discovered the art of gluing flowers, atticus went to work on a flower monster, and happily gave it to a favorite customer.
she took it home and apparently added legs.

after the market, we raced home, unloaded the van, and dashed off to see “the sea of monsters” movie. sporting his homemade “camp half blood” t-shirt, and deep love of the percy jackson books, we sat holding hands and sipping root beer. this was a highly anticipated event.

we ended the day at his favorite restaurant, and while I sat diligently by my computer waiting to register for the ultimate in farmer florists’ workshops (more on that later!), he spent his day’s earnings at the local candy store, splurging on harry potter chocolate frogs to celebrate.

days just don’t get better than this…

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