October 7, 2013

a wedding in the woods

a couple weekends ago my sister and I had the pleasure of designing a wedding in the catskills, at a merrie and wonderful location.

hop vines were the backbone of my design. I had to disguise a bridge, decorate wagon wheel light fixtures and make several garlands. I knew I had to have them (the flowers look like delicate green pine cones) but they cost $95 per vine to ship from the west coast. thanks to the generosity of ocean state hops, in exeter, rhode island, I got 20 vines for under $200. I got woozy driving them from rhode island to new york.

we also had to make several large arrangements in vintage apple baskets. I wasn’t prepared for the sheer amount of flowers and work it took to make these extravaganzas. my sister saved the day, and we cranked out these beauties.

but the real coup de grace was the bridge. using hops, garden roses, dahlias, ferns and pepper berries we turned an ordinary foot bridge into a fairy queen’s backdrop.

and I can’t forget the costume for the hydrant!

our hosts couldn’t have been more gracious and trusting, and I am grateful for the memories.

best wishes to ashley and john!

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