November 2, 2015

and then summer happened…

…and then fall.

I am still here, growing flowers and boys and the farm. in fact, this was most successful year to date for muddy feet flower farm. a lot happened during the growing season: weddings booked almost every weekend, record-breaking sales at the Westport farmers market, an exciting new partnership with the home and garden mecca, Terrain, and soon-to-be, a collaboration with the exclusive catalog, White Flower Farm.


dahlias continue to be the most lucrative and rewarding flower, but I fell in love with so many unique and gorgeous blooms. we added a hellebores garden, planted lots of trees, expanded beds and added more. a third hoop house is in the works so I will be able to start my own seedlings and hone my succession planting skills even more.


I designed weddings all over new england, and worked with the nicest brides and grooms and their families. I am so grateful to be a part of such an intimate and important day in their lives. it humbles me to no end the trust that they instill in me. 2016 is already getting booked up!

bar.3.gore cocola.centerpiece.1 shoshanna.gore yvonne.bride
a new and improved website is in the works for the off-season. it is time to come to terms with the fact that the hundreds of blog posts that I write in my head while I’m out working in the field never make it into the computer and out into the world. there just isn’t enough time in the day. miles.head.dahlia cocola.bridal yvonne.centerpiece.1 cocola.altar
the boys continue to fill my life with joy, and constant learning. there is never a dull moment around here!


jack frost visited early this year (“why doesn’t jack frost like flowers, mama?” asked my littlest boy.) things are winding down. we are busy putting the farm to rest, digging up dahlia tubers, planting bulbs for spring and harvesting the last chrysanthemums. so, I’ll sign off for now, but promise to be back soon with more photos and reflections from the season.



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