December 9, 2013

the december photo project: week one

a couple of years ago, I started quietly participating in the december photo project. It’s an online project that involves taking one photograph each day for the first 25 days of december.

I discovered it while ambling around the worlds of flower farmers and homesteaders and thought I’d give it a shot. 

I secretly aspire to be a street photographer, a la robert doisneau or bill cunningham, but I don’t normally carry a camera around with me. I find it a bit awkward, and the truth is, I’m not well versed in the basics of using a camera. aperture, shutter speed, lens size…huh? 

when the project first started, people weren’t in the habit of photographing every instant of their lives and posting them all over social media. nowadays everyone is a photographer, and sharing photographs online seems a bit trite.

but I’m working on improving my photography skills and improving muddy feet’s website. I recently took a series of mind blowing webinars on social media marketing through the flower connection, and learned how to do fancy things with my photos like adding text and making collages which I’m practicing here. what do you think?

and there’s no denying that this time of the year is special.  the boys, caught up in the anticipation of christmas, embrace the myth and relish the rituals.

and I bask in their innocence and excitement, and relish the welcome break from farming and flowers.

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