July 1, 2013


me oh my. it’s a bit nuts around here. it’s amazing how each day unfolds into its own novella; sometimes a sweet, simple story, sometimes an epic. there is no monotony, no two days alike. no one can complain about boredom or routine.
and then there’s this thing called the weather.

I’ve only been doing this flower farming thing for a few years, and each year brings experience, growth and confidence. this year, I’m walking around each day fretting that I don’t have any flowers. I look at the meticulously planted beds, shake my head and rationally know that’s not true, we’ve had to dig new beds, for god’s sake, and not everything is even in yet, but nothing in the field is growing, let alone blooming.

I should say, nothing planted this year…

…the peonies, however, are spectacular.

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